Who We Are

While our beliefs give us boundaries, our Purpose, Aim, Pathway, and Values reveal our Identity.


Love God

Love People

Make Disciples


To be a community where everyone is discovering their identity in Jesus, pursuing their involvement in God’s kingdom, and investing in relationships to tell the story of Jesus. 


Providing opportunities to encounter Jesus through God’s Word, Prayer, Worship, Fellowship, 
and Service.


* Relevant Word - We believe God’s Word is the bedrock of our existence and aim to share it in ways that relate its principles  to everyday living.

* Meaningful Prayer We believe God invites us to talk with him, and wants to speak to us. We are committed to pursuing  these communications through vocal and listening prayer, and expect to be moved to action.

* Inspiring WorshipWe believe our worship services should impact us wholly (body, mind and soul), and lead us to  experiencing the power, presence, and direction of the Holy Spirit.

* Fulfilling InvolvementWe believe everyone was created to contribute to the kingdom through the life and ministries of  the church and cannot experience wholeness without it. 

* Community CompassionWe believe that meeting needs (spiritual, physical, emotional, and material) of people in our  community is a powerful demonstration of the love of Jesus.