Let the Light in

Keeping physically fit (or trying) is surely connected to being spiritually healthy for me (as regular readers already know).  This morning while running on my “Gazelle” I heard, “Let the Light In” by Cody Carnes for the first time.  Wow did this produce spiritual harmony inside!  We (LFM Church and I) have been in a mode of calling out for a powerful refreshing by the Holy Spirit and these lyrics frame the need and process in a beautiful way!  I encourage you to get to a protected place, listen, and then pray for the specific light you need to welcome His sweeping, filling presence!  If you are reading this and don’t yet follow Jesus, that first view of His light will be blinding (as first-light is to me every morning), but what you’ll see after that initial exposure will fill you in a way that cannot be explained but never disappoints!  Lord, let the light in!

Let the Light In - Cody Carnes